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Humber Apprenticeship Support Service (HASS)

With the aim of increasing apprenticeship numbers in the Humber region HASS was created to reduce the barriers that small and medium sized employers experience when employing apprentices and to help them access information, and provide impartial guidance and support.

The HASS pilot ran for 12 months and received a positive response from employers and local providers. North and south bank brokers engaged with a wide range of organisations and received a great number of referrals and enquiries on a daily basis.

HASS exceeded its job creation target of 130 jobs, with a closing total 157 and the number of businesses engaged was more than 370. Training providers saw the value of working closely with HASS and that partnership working benefited both parties.

Key Successes

Brokers raised the profile of apprenticeships with prospective candidates to fill vacancies particularly in occupational areas where candidates are scarce.

HASS brokers have been involved in apprenticeship events with
schools, DWP, and college leavers to inform them of suitable alternatives to full time education.

Cross-partnership working with impartial advisory organisations.

A raise in the profile of apprenticeships across the Humber.
HASS Phase 2

The phase 1 HASS pilot was seen as a success, and the need for this service has been recognised by organisations across the Humber.
As part of the Skills Funding Agency European funding procurement exercise, we will be seeking expression of interested from parties to lead a new programme that will build on the successful pilot.

The Interim period

In the meantime businesses can get advice and sign posted to the most appropriate support via our Growth Hub advisers.
Work is ongoing with the Apprenticeship Group to support the implementation of HASS Phase 2, supporting the governments’ 2020 Vision document. Team


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