This page explains what the Humber LEP is doing in response to the Government’s announcements on industrial strategy.

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Building our Industrial StrategyThe Government published a green (consultation) paper, Building our Industrial Strategy, in January 2017.  It sets out the ten “pillars” of the Government’s approach:

The pillars have a lot in common with the priorities in the Humber Strategic Economic Plan (SEP).

The Government has invited responses to the consultation by 17 April 2017.  This will be followed by a white paper (statement of Government policy) later this year.

What’s happening in the Humber?

The Humber LEP and local authorities will be submitting a single joint response to the Government’s consultation.  By working together and speaking with one voice, we think we can make a stronger argument for the region.  We are keen to hear from businesses and other stakeholders – find out how below.

Later this year, the Humber’s strategy will be refreshed to take account of the new Government’s approach, other changes such as the decision to leave the EU, and the progress made in delivering the SEP since 2014.  There will be further consultation with businesses and stakeholders as part of this.

How to get involved

We will be submitting a response to the Green Paper which sets out our region’s strengths and opportunities, how we could help deliver the industrial strategy, and how it could best work for our region’s economy.  We are also putting forward ideas for sectors of the economy where our region is strong and there is potential for a “sector deal” with Government.

We want to hear the views of businesses and stakeholders in the region to inform this first phase of work.  There will be more opportunities to contribute as we refresh the Humber strategy later this year.

Our engagement in this first phase includes:

We want to hear from as many businesses and stakeholders as possible.  To give us your views on what we should say in response to the Government you can:

The deadline for responses is 30 March.

We will update this page with more information and other opportunities to be involved as our work progresses.