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The LEP’s Chair and Chief Executive make an annual statement on the status of the LEP’s governance and transparency.

The Humber LEP remains committed to excellent standards of governance and transparency, and to making continuous improvements on both.

We responded positively and promptly to feedback at the last Annual Conversation and in our “Deep Dive”, which we found to be a positive experience. Key actions this year have included:

  • Putting in place improved procedures to collect, maintain and update member registers of interest, working with our accountable body’s Section 151 Officer.
  • Recruiting an expanded Growth Deal Programme Delivery Team, which has enabled the LEP to be more proactive in managing the programme, challenging and supporting projects on potential issues, and communicating progress and risks to our Boards. This includes the more frequent use of project review meetings, which include Board members when appropriate.
  • Iterative improvements to Growth Deal Board reports to support Board and sub board members to understand and question progress, examine the improved independent appraisals of projects’ business cases and hold projects to account. Project managers are also called in to the sub-boards where required.

We are also responding positively to the “Strengthened LEPs” requirements. To ensure the Board has ownership of the new policies and actions, and further embed a culture of good governance in the LEP, we have formed a panel of Board members to review our approach to recruitment, Board management and diversity. The panel has had its first meeting and its recommendations will be reported to the Board for agreement and implementation.

A particular success to highlight this year was the successful partnership bid for £6m ERDF funding to deliver three programmes under our Growth Hub. This was the result of our active approach to managing our ESIF programme, which has the highest level of financial commitment in the country, and the willingness of our local authority partners to enter into a joint bid enabled by the risk-sharing agreement that forms part of our good governance.

We have an excellent relationship with our accountable body, Hull City Council, which continues to support us in a range of areas. We both regularly participate in its scrutiny commissions.

The LEP is fortunate to have strong private sector engagement in its governance, which includes the active contribution of a large number of individual businesspeople for the benefit of the local area. Members from public and private sector, in all parts of the LEP, uphold high standards of integrity in line with the Nolan Principles, and to ensure this is fully recognised we chose to extend our Member Code of Conduct to all individuals participating in the LEP structure.

We continue to aim for best in class transparency in what we do, and we continue to build on our previously-recognised best practice by further extending what we publish and how frequently we update it. We will also be refreshing the look and feel of our website during 2019 to improve usability.

We welcome further feedback through the Annual Performance Review process and from our stakeholders, and will respond to this promptly.

Kishor Tailor
Kishor Tailor

Kishor has the principle role of developing and delivering the strategy for growth of the Humber region. He is responsible for the management of the Humber LEP, its governance and funding, as well as lead responsibility for building and developing relationships with partners in the public and private sectors as well as with government departments. Kishor reports to the Humber LEP Board through the Chairman Lord Haskins. He is also currently the main point of contact for the key link with the investment and regulation board.