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The LEP’s Chair and Chief Executive make an annual statement on the status of the LEP’s governance and transparency

During 2019/20 the Humber LEP has continued to uphold its high standards of governance and transparency, with further improvements made.


This year we established a Board member panel to review our recruitment approach and the actions required to ensure a high-performing diverse Board. We are committed to open and transparent recruitment, and attracting the best candidates to add the greatest value to our Board. The panel’s work informed the processes we established for recruiting our next Chair and new Board members, which are currently under way.

As the panel recommended, our Board also appointed its first Equality and Diversity Champion this year.

In preparation for new members, we are updating our induction pack which was considered by the Deep Dive team last year to be one of the best in the network.

Our Audit Committee meets regularly and reports to our Board. It reviews the findings of our accountable body’s internal audit team, and the process of external audits undertaken annually on Growth Deal projects to provide assurance to the LEP and accountable body.

The LEP maintains a comprehensive Risk Register, which is reviewed and revised by the Audit Committee, including considering mitigating measures, and reported on to the Board.

We have continued to iteratively improve our Board and sub-board reporting on programmes to ensure accountability for progress and well-informed decision-making by members. We have now extended the custom dashboards we introduced last year to cover outputs as well as spend.

We also continue to use Project Review Meetings and inviting project managers to attend sub-board meetings where issues arise on projects.

Our Board, sub-board and other members are committed to upholding high standards of integrity in line with the Nolan Principles, and our Member Code of Conduct applies to all individuals participating in the LEP structure. The Register of Interests is maintained and the need to declare interests is reinforced at Board and sub-board meetings, with a standard agenda item.

Our Board and sub-boards were actively involved in shaping our Local Industrial Strategy and have ownership of it.


We and our team regularly participate in our accountable body’s scrutiny commissions, and the scrutiny committees of our other local authorities.

During 2019/20 we consulted and engaged widely to shape our Local Industrial Strategy, including publishing a Prospectus at our AGM on 5 June. This was another very well attended event which received excellent feedback from attendees.

We also hold a variety of other forums throughout the year for engagement and consultation, and regularly speak at business membership organisations’ committees and events.

Our Programme Management Team continues to expand the information we publish on projects, and having led the way on this it is pleasing to see many other LEPs have now replicated our approach.

Looking ahead

During 2020 we will have in place a new Chair, several new Board members and a new Local Industrial Strategy. This will be an important transition for the LEP and we look forward to building on our success to date.

Signed Lord Haskins, Chair of the Humber LEP and Kishor Tailor, Chief Executive of the Humber LEP