The Humber LEP Annual review 2016 looks at the successes of 2015/16 as well as well as the impact of our investments, which part fund projects run by our partners that support the growth of the  Humber economy.

The Humber LEP, one of 39 LEPs in the UK set up in 2011, is a business-led  partnership which is driving growth of the Humber economy for the benefit of our communities.Humber LEP Annual Review 2016 front cover

We lead on strategy, influence policy and secure funds, collaborate with businesses, education providers, local authorities and government agencies to agree actions, and invest in projects and programmes delivered by our partners that support our ambitions:

A skilled and productive workforce
An Infrastructure that supports growth
Thriving successful businesses

Annual review news release –
Investments on track to add £1.42bn to Humber economy by end of Parliament

You can download a PDF of our brochure
LEP Annual Report 2016