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BBC Education and Springboard

BBC News were so impressed with the Springboard and Skills Pledge Campaign, they came to North East Lincolnshire to film young people attending a Job Club to find out a little more about the valuable work done in the area.
Branwen Jeffreys, Education Correspondent, was looking at a story about Grammar Schools, and the effect of the new Government initiative to bring them back, with Lincolnshire still having Grammar Schools, how does this work? They went on to talk about what happens to young people who do not gain the all important A-Cs including English and Maths. This is where the Springboard support helps to gain the literacy, numeracy, and more importantly, hand –holds young people into their sustainable employment or further education.
Dave Walkington and Nick Gregory, DWP, offered up their services, and the Group Information Session room to be filmed in, after agreeing with their media department, and offered
Rhonda Herle (Springboard Adviser) and Jasmin Flint (Springboard Ambassador and separate Good news story) arranged for up to 10 young people to attend the Job Club. As well as asking Amber Bendell (separate good news story) to tell her story of getting her apprenticeship with help from the Skills Pledge.

The employer was sought through the Skills Pledge sign-ups in North east Lincolnshire, and Care Plus agreed straight away;
Sharon Stead, Care Plus Employability services manager and regional apprenticeship laura-and-sharon-for-bbc-2ambassador said; “Care Plus Employability Services are passionate about supporting people into vocational training and employment. Therefore we were delighted to partake in the promotion of the Springboard campaign. This was also a great opportunity to raise awareness of the employability initiatives and support Care Plus offer. Additionally I embraced the opportunity to speak about my own pathway into a prosperous career, after leaving school with minimal qualifications. I hope I inspired young people to believe that motivation, commitment to achieve and the ability to learn is all you need and then the world is your oyster!
The young people attending told their stories of the struggle to get sustainable employment, and the help they have received so far from the Springboard campaign and the links with their work coaches.”

The BBC were extremely pleased with the information, the set up, and the effort put in by all of the partners involved in putting this piece together.
The piece went out on ‘World at One’, on BBC 4, but unfortunately was cut from the News at 6, then the News at 10, due to the catastrophic earthquake in Italy. We received personal apologies for this, but understood there was nothing that could be done.
Katherine Smith, News Editor; “It was delightful to meet you all last week and we really appreciated your help in setting everything up for us.”
We thank all of our partners who pulled this together within 48 hours to show the successes to the nation of the Springboard campaign.

The Springboard Ambassadors in North East Lincolnshire


Before working as the Youth Ambassador I was working as an Administration Assistant and Accounts Assistant within a Haulage/Shipping company. I was there for two years before being made redundant. After I had started claiming JSA my advisor referred me to Springboard where I received help with my CV, job applications and help with interview techniques which was really helpful and made me more confident in looking and applying for jobs. I then went on to complete an 8 week work experience within Springboard and I really enjoyed it, after my placement had finished I then started to volunteer as I loved the work that springboard was doing to help young people. After a few months of volunteering I was told that they wanted to keep me on full time as the Youth Ambassador for North East Lincolnshire and couldn’t have been happier. I have been in this role since October 2015 and find it rewarding to be able to help young people who are in the same position I was in before being in the Youth Ambassador role. As a young person, knowing that there was extra support available helps overcome personal barriers and reaching goals.


As a young single parent and a previous claimant of benefits I understand how hard it is in our area to find work or to find someone willing to help you get into work. I left school with no A-C GCSE grades. I then went on to college were I gained some qualifications. I left college after one year and went on to do an apprenticeship through Community Learning Services which led me to paid employment. I left employment when I had my daughter, now she’s older I wanted to return back into work to give myself and my daughter a better life. I asked the jobcentre if they could point me in the right direction of someone to help me update my cv so I was referred to Rhonda – springboard at Freeman Street Resource centre. After being out of work for so long I believed my previous work experiences and skills I had achieved were inadequate and I worried I wouldn’t be able to fit into a professional working environment. Rhonda was very welcoming and pointed out that I had lots of useful skills to transfer to any job I went into. She gave me huge confidence and made me realise I wasn’t just a mum I had the ability to be myself again and do something with my life. She supported me through job searching, creating my cv and interview skills. Whilst job searching a position came up as a Youth Ambassador and even though I have never done anything like this I thought I would apply and was lucky enough to get the job. I believe because of my past experiences I can empathise with any young person who comes to Springboard.


Amber’s Springboard Story

“Leaving school at 14 was my own choice. Meeting with friends every day to start my ‘crazy teenage life’ seemed like a good idea at the time. By the age of 16 I found myself bothering with less people, finding it hard to go out, struggling to become motivated to even tidy the house. I stopped painting my nails and doing my hair. I hadn’t worn make up for nearly a year. Bringing my quilt downstairs and watching films all day. This became my life.

Little did I know, in the middle of 2015 when I turned 18, my life would change completely. I went to Grimsby Jobcentre wanting to enhance my life and give myself opportunities. My work coach put me on a program called Springboard which opened me up to plenty of options such as: taking English, Maths, ICT etc. I accepted these classes through my own accord and without being pressurised. I had explained to my advisor, Rhonda Herle, about my problems that were holding me back and her response was calming and reassuring.
The way she worked and explained certain things helped me open up my mind to the things people wouldn’t usually think about. For example, the job I am aiming for is to sell cars, and some businesses will also have a garage connection. This led to us thinking about visits to the garage for work. So, I should know my Health and Safety as well as having First Aid, so that I am ready for any incident that may occur.
I was accompanied by Rhonda for my First Aid course to help settle my nerves which would bring a better outcome in my work. I appreciated that so much and this made me realise she really wants to help me and that was a good feeling.
Once I was settled into Springboard I was offered a work placement alongside my adviser in the office to help gain experience of the workspace which included practising telephone calls. Firstly, only Rhonda would call to help me produce my dialogue. On one occasion I picked up the phone expecting Rhonda, but instead I heard a man’s voice. This caught me off guard, but it allowed me to learn how to quickly relax and carry on.
Overall my experience with Springboard has been calming, very helpful and educational. I would recommend this service to any young person, whether you are finding life easy or difficult.
My language is more appropriate as well as my dress code. I now have level 2 English and Maths, I have an updated CV, two cover letter templates to help guide me. I have a certificate amber-springboard-photofor Health and Safety and First Aid and Food Hygiene.
I applied for an apprenticeship at John Roe Toyota Dealership in Grimsby and got the job!!!!
First I am doing 6 months in ‘after care’ where I am learning to help with customer enquiries, invoicing, warranty, etc. and then I will be working for 6 months in sales.”

“Most of all I see my future in a positive light and I am looking forward to what may happen.”