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To support the development of a competitive business environment where private businesses can grow and create jobs for the benefit of the local community and maximise the opportunities created by the Humber LEP’s mission of establishing the Humber as the “Energy Estuary”.


  1. To lead in the development of a unified Business Support service to ensure that local businesses receive the right support and advice to develop and grow their business
  2. To develop appropriate business support packages and products to meet the needs of Small and Medium sized businesses
  3. To influence the procurement policies of public sectors and large private companies to create a local supply chain and open opportunities for local businesses
  4. To work with large companies in the Humber region to ensure that appropriate co-ordinated support is provided to create an environment where these companies continue to grow and invest
  5. To support the development of key growth sectors by ensuring that businesses in these sectors identify barriers and opportunities for growth, and to use the LEP’s influence to address the barriers
  6. To support businesses in their efforts to create new markets for products and services developed in the Humber
  7. To co-ordinate international trade and export activity, ensuring that businesses in the Humber region can access a range of opportunities that meet the needs of the Humber economy and that the Humber is represented effectively in relevant overseas markets
  8. To lead on business engagement and relationships with businesses by working with membership organisations and individual businesses to provide a cohesive platform for business engagement
  9. To demonstrate to Government and our business community, that the LEP can deliver meaningful projects, with a high level of competence and governance – whilst remaining competitive in a competitive world.
  10. To expedite the implementation of programmes for business support on behalf of the LEP and to ensure that appropriate processes and procedures are in place to meet the requirements of the programmes
  11. To establish appropriate sub groups to deliver the Board’s agenda as required, and to direct and monitor their work