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To lead in creating Humber as a place where businesses can grow and investment is attracted, by advising the Humber LEP and the Humber Leadership Board on appropriate infrastructure and development land matters that need to be addressed to create the right environment for economic growth.


  1. To co-ordinate the development of a Humber Spatial Plan and to work with partners to ensure that development land can be brought into use
  2. To develop a plan for sufficient supply of land to mitigate against possible environmental disturbances caused by major investments.
  3. To work with partners to develop appropriate transport infrastructure plans that enable growth (including Road, Rail, Sea and Air)
  4. To work with partners to develop priorities for transport programme and advise the Humber LEP Board and the Humber Leadership Board on the priorities for future Transport Programmes delivered through the LEP
  5. To oversee the development of plans for flood mitigation in relation to business and to support the development of utilities necessary to future economic growth, including advising the LEP Board and the Humber Leadership Board on the priorities for future flood related interventions.
  6. To take a strategic view of potential major investments in the Humber and to develop competitive products that can encourage inward investments and to develop a “single gateway” approach  to inward investment enquires
  7. To develop a coordinated response from statutory agencies at an early stage of major planning applications
  8. To work with partner local authorities to ensure appropriate supply of housing is available to encourage growth
  9. To oversee the development and implementation of Enterprise Zones
  10. To prioritise and oversee the implementation of programmes that support site development, infrastructure and other related projects financed through programmes including ERDF and Growth Deal.
  11. To consider the establishment of an Investment Fund to support “up front” costs to enable unlocking of key sites