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We are seeking an organisation or a collaborative partnership managed by one organisation to use the Humber LEP’s SAP Analysis report, dashboard and any other data available locally as baseline indications, to undertake a further deep dive on the Humber’s digital skills needs, including the impact of automation, adding to the data set.

This new analysis will be used by the LEP’s Employment and Skills Board, incorporating the requirements of the Skills Advisory Panels to help local education, training providers and employers respond to these skills priorities.

The successful bidder shall:

  1. Undertake the work within the timescales and within budget
  2. Design, produce, manage and analyse electronic digital skills surveys for completion by a range of size of employers (large through to micro businesses), education and training providers which the LEP will also distribute with its networks
  3. Provide qualitative data from a Humber wide audience across a range of key sectors ( as detailed in the SAP analysis report) by undertaking a minimum of 50 telephone surveys which may be enhanced by face to face meetings to gain further insight into digital skills and plans for automation
  4. Ensure the analysis aligns with the requirements set out in the Analytical Framework and Toolkit issued by the DfE
  5. Complement and follow the style of the existing Humber LEP Skills Analysis report, using Microsoft Power BI to provide additional dashboards which will be discussed and agreed with the LEP

For more information on this call, download this document: RFQ Digital Skills Analysis Feb 2020

Alternatively, visit the YORTender website here quoting reference number DN464476.