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About the company

Benson Park Limited are specialist manufacturers of cooked poultry products for the food industry. They operate from a factory in Hull, which has been purpose built and designed to ensure the highest quality standards. They supply products which can be used in sandwich fillings, ready meals and pre-prepared salads.

The company currently employs around 100 people and the turnover is around £42 million.

About the project

The company identified the development of new market areas and put into place a three year plan for the business. Central to this was the need to build a sizable extension to the production facility and to increase office and utility space. Combined with investment in new technology, the project will enable the business to explore new markets such as consumer retail and frozen products for food service.

The company successfully applied for a £700,000 grant from the Growing the Humber programme, against a total project cost of £7m.

Job creation

Around 40 new jobs are expected to be created within the three year plan.These will strengthen existing teams including senior management as well as skilled and semi-skilled roles.

The future

David Park, Managing Director, at Benson Park Limited said, “In the past we have seen our markets dominated by imported products. However, times are changing and it is becoming more desirable to source products from the UK. We are delighted to be leading the way forward for our sector and investing in the production of quality products, whilst taking steps to support  domestic agricultural industry.”