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About the business

Dataplan is a payroll services company based in Grimsby, and owned by chartered accountancy firm Forrester Boyd. Dataplan has built up over 45 years of experience providing payroll services for companies across the UK.

The company has been awarded several industry awards from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), and won the CIPP Payroll Service Provider of the Year twice. The company is also an accredited Payroll Quality Partnership organisation, awarded by the Chartered Institute for Payroll Professionals.

About the project                         

The large growth that the company has experienced over the last 10 years had forced them to seek new premises. Once they had located a suitable office space, refitting the premises to make them fit for purpose was necessary.

A Growing the Humber grant helped the company to adapt their premises, making space for more staff, allowing for a greater working capacity. The company were able to invest in their IT infrastructure, updating it in line with modern payroll requirements. They now have their own server farm allowing them to provide a more efficient service and secure confidential data.

Job creation

4 full time jobs and 1 part time job were created as a direct result of this project. The company has continued to grow rapidly created by this Regional Growth Fund grant.

Since the grant was issued, the company have grown substantially, taking on a further 23 people in varying roles and the company now offers a training programme for school and college leavers in an effort to foster new skills and prevent a skills gap in the payroll sector.

The future

Richard Rowell, Director of Dataplan, said: “This grant was pivotal to helping us get set up in our new offices and to getting it right.

“Our work is bringing in money from outside of North East Lincolnshire, and our location, close to the A180, is ideal for allowing us to network with clients anywhere in the UK.

“We are providing a service to businesses nationally, but with a firm commitment to remaining in North East Lincolnshire.The future is bright.”

In brief

Location: Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire

£250,000 Total project cost

£72,000RGF grant

4.5 direct jobs