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Formed in 2011, the Humber LEP has supported businesses and residents in East Yorkshire, Hull, North and North East Lincolnshire in many various ways.

Here’s some of the Humber LEP’s biggest achievements, and what it will celebrate as its legacy:

The Humber LEP secured the largest Enterprise Zone in the country with several rounds of expansions, helping bring about many important businesses to the region, such as Siemens Gamesa in Hull.
In terms of funding, the Humber LEP has been really successful in competitive bidding, bringing in funds such as the Growth Deals, while also being recognised by Government for the delivery of projects.
European Funds – for an area that used to hand money back unspent, this has been a significant success story. We’ve invested all of ours and secured around £9m on top from the national reserve fund, put to good use in supporting businesses and people.
Our Investment Panel have spent a huge amount of time scrutinising and awarding business grants and loans. Up to last March they’d awarded £35m in grants to 439 businesses, supporting private sector investment of £122m and the creation of over 2,800 jobs.
Our Covid-19 response was exemplary. The Business Development Board kicked this off and we brought membership and support organisations together to give consistent information and feed in intelligence to government. The Growth Hub gave out over 430 grants, including to get SMEs up and running with home-working, handled around 10,000 individual business enquiries and ran over 60 webinars. We also supported the emergency response (we sourced warehouse space gifted by businesses for the local PPE stockpile) and linked up businesses to help with food and PPE donations.
Our Employment and Skills work brought recognition to the Humber for innovation and responsiveness to employment and skills issues. More recent activities include the development of the Humber Jobs Fuse; the Mid-Life MOT, which has seen over 3,000 people engage with the service in the first three weeks; the Local Digital Skills Partnership pilot and the Humber Opportunities Portal, linking LMI to skills and jobs.

Our legacy also includes….

… the successful bid for the Humber Freeport – we contributed information and expertise as part of the bid team led by ABP. As well as this, we’ve also supported the region’s success in the adoption of offshore wind. In terms of decarbonisation – businesses asked us to take the lead as an impartial organisation on the development of the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan for decarbonisation – we did and secured the funding for this, which will continue for the next two years. Meanwhile, the Humber Careers Hub –responding to employers asks and school needs, improving careers delivery to inspire thousands of young people in our region to maximise their potential and find good jobs locally. This is alongside becoming the only LEP in the country that can award the Quality in Careers Standard, helping schools both sides of the Humber to achieve national recognition.

This is just a short summary of the work of the LEP which of course has only been achieved by our partners, stakeholders, our local authorities and government colleagues actively participating in the work. We leave behind an excellent legacy for the new HEY LEP to follow. We thank all Humber LEP supporters for these excellent achievements. It’s been a pleasure working with all of our partners, Board and sub-Board members and businesses across the Humber, and we know collaboration will still continue in a different cross-estuarial way.

Any questions?
If you have any questions about the transition from the Humber LEP to the HEY LEP, please see this Q&A on our website. Please also visit the Greater Lincolnshire LEP’s site for more information for businesses and residents on the South Bank.

A new era begins
Tomorrow will see a new era begin with the creation of a LEP for Hull and East Yorkshire, please continue to engage with us as we begin this new undertaking. Please visit the HEY LEP website here.