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About the company

Focus Packaging & Design Ltd has been trading since 1998, initially supplying specialist packing, packaging and technology advice to the commercial and retail seed sectors. Whilst these are still part of the company’s activities, the main business now is developing and manufacturing products for the home gardening sector.

A range of new products are based around coir, a sustainable coconut by-product, and give the business an opportunity to increase higher price point sales with higher margin through an environmentally friendly product range.

The company recently joined the British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association (BCMPA) which has led to a business partnership to develop and produce specialist packaging and packing process for a new product.

An opportunity has now been offered to scale up for full production of this unique product for worldwide distribution and a subsidiary company, Starcal Ltd, has been created to undertake this work.

About the project

To complete the diversification of the business into the new coir-based product range and to up-scale production, Focus Packaging and Design Ltd needed to invest in a new production and blending line and clean production facility with modified atmosphere and production machinery.

It was also necessary to implement improvements to the existing production and storage facilities, many of which would be shared by both Focus and Starcal ltd for maximum efficiency.

This represented a significant investment for the business and would not have been possible without the aid of a grant. The grant enabled the business to accelerate their expansion plan and open up a range of opportunities.

Job creation

Focus Packaging and Design was previously a very seasonal business, reliant on temporary agency workers. However, the new product ranges for the garden and health sectors will move the business to year round production and create a number of full time, permanent roles.

Two new members of staff were taken on early in 2016, with two more jobs to be created in Summer 2016 and more to follow within a year. Jobs range from production staff to engineers, manager and supervisory positions.

The future

Director Neil Calvert believes the investment represents a significant step change for the business. He says “The clean facility will allow us to develop a new area for our business. With this in place we will be able to obtain the required accreditations for packaging such things as protein powders, for which we are consistently getting enquiries via the BCMPA. We have already secured one new contract.

“The expansion and improvements to the existing side of our business has also improved productivity and working conditions, ensuring that we can take the business from strength to strength”

In brief

Location: Queensway Industrial Estate, Scunthorpe

£651,434 Project Cost

£90,000 grant

14 Direct Jobs