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The Humber region is leading the way in careers education – with a new report showing the Humber Careers Hub operating well above the national average.

The Humber Careers Hub was one of the initial 20 careers hubs set up by the Government in 2018 in partnership with the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC). The Hub has 26 schools across both the north and south bank of the Humber, which has built up a network of Careers Leaders in schools and colleges, assisted by Enterprise Advisers from industries across the region.

The Humber LEP and CEC work in partnership to develop and improve the Hubs – with training given to support schools to develop strategic careers leaders offering the best careers education for young people.

Now, at the two year mark, the hub has received its latest results from the CEC showing the Hub is operating at 5.3 out of 8 – with the national average only 4.8 out of 8. Out of eight benchmarks, the hub is outperforming the national average in six areas.

The Hub (and the wider work of the CEC in the Humber region) now has funding confirmed until summer 2021, with the scheme continuing to support young people, who may be now facing additional challenges when entering the work market due to the economic impact of coronavirus. However, lockdown hasn’t stopped young people still gaining careers education – with schools now delivering online careers education and in some cases even increasing their activity.

Philippa Hartley, Careers Leader at Huntcliff School, Kirton in Lindsey, North Lincolnshire, said: “The biggest benefit of being part of the Careers Hub during lockdown has been the virtual collaborating and the networking opportunities facilitated by our ECs/Hub Lead.”

Speaking about her experiences over the past year she added: “One of the biggest developments in careers education in the last two years has been the CPD for Careers Leaders. It is the first time we’ve been offered a formally recognised qualification and high quality training. It’s been absolutely brilliant, it’s given Careers Leaders the powerful intent, implementation and impact strategy they need to argue the case for career activities to be embedded within curriculum time.

“We have benefited from working with the CEC team, both locally, regionally and also nationally. We’ve been given access to a wealth of resources, if you’re a Careers Leader working on your own in a busy school, and you’re searching and scanning the internet for career activities, it’s completely overwhelming and unmanageable. Without the support from the CEC, we would be absolutely nowhere.”

Over the last two years The LEP has seen continued progress in the Humber Careers Hub. The Hub has a significant role to play within the Humber LEP’s Economic Recovery Plan. Young people across the Humber will be taking steps to enter the labour market in perhaps the most difficult labour market conditions in living memory and therefore supporting people to make good career decisions has probably never been more critical. The LEP looks forward to building on and continuing our excellent partnership in the area.

Stephen Parnaby OBE, Chair of the Humber LEP, said: “We are incredibly proud of the hard work of the Humber Careers Hub, both in the results it has achieved and the exceptional community of sharing that has been across the region – sharing resources, good practice and knowledge which has resulted in this fantastic outcome.

“We are also pleased the excellent links between industry and schools and colleges have been recognised, and would like to thank all our careers leaders and enterprise advisors for their dedication to supporting young people as they prepare to navigate the world of work.

“This is even more important given the current economic climate and the difficulties young people may need to overcome, we need young people to be as prepared as they can be as they take their first steps on the careers ladder and have the foundation they need for a successful start to their careers.”