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About the Digital Skills Partnership

The Humber Digital Skills Partnership (DSP) brings together public, private and education organisations to help increase the digital capability of individuals and organisations in the Humber .

What will it do?

The DSP will ensure that we raise the digital skill level in the Humber area  by raising the level of ambition of employers, employees, residents and training providers to engage with digital skills.

  • The DSP will identify and understand the demand for workplace digital training that reflects the breadth of employers and training providers in our region.
  • We will establish an inclusive Humber Digital Skills Hub offering businesses of all sizes support services including:
  • Access to diagnostic assessments
  • Access to, and mapping of, available training
  • Access to consultancy services
  • Case studies
  • Podcasts/conferences

How does it help me?

The Digital Skills Partnership will work together with businesses and education and training providers to develop the skills of the current and future workforces and their leaders to enable them to take full advantage of new digital technologies. It will also help residents and employees across the Humber to acquire the digital skills they need to live in an increasingly digital economy and move into work or to progress in work.

Find out more on the Government’s Digital Skills Partnerships page here.


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