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As the Government works towards an EU Exit date of October 31, the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is continuing to support the region’s businesses to navigate Brexit.

The LEP’s Business Growth Hub has compiled a collection of resources to help organisations prepare for Brexit, and has also created a survey to gather the opinions of regional businesses on how Brexit is currently affecting them – and how it might affect them in the future – summary of local intelligence is shared with Government.

The Humber LEP wants to know the challenges businesses might face as the deadline gets closer, but also what opportunities could be open to them once the UK has finally left the EU.

The LEP and Growth Hub will be gathering insight, data and intelligence into the Brexit-related issues facing the business community in the Humber, while also developing business interventions to help deal with the impact of Brexit on the Humber – whether the UK emerges with a deal or otherwise.

The online survey is open to all businesses in the Humber – however the LEP are keen to make sure small and medium sized businesses’ (SMEs) voices are heard, and that the LEP possess as wide a spread of local business insight as possible as they look to develop their Brexit support.

Information gathered from businesses will be treated in the strictest confidence, and summary will be shared with the Government. The LEP and Growth Hub will also be able to use your feedback to help inform our business support activities regarding EU-withdrawal over the coming weeks and months which you will be able to engage with when available.


Meanwhile, the LEP are also keen to encourage businesses to visit their Brexit resources online.

As the uncertainty surrounding Brexit can potentially make it difficult for businesses to plan for the future, the Growth Hub has collected a range of resources developed by Government and private sector organisations which can help businesses in the Humber region plan for the various Brexit scenarios they may face.

The guidance and resources available cover such aspects as Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) numbers to allow businesses to continue exporting and importing goods with EU countries, and also changes to food labelling rules and standards.

Kishor Tailor, Chief Executive of the Humber LEP, said: “Businesses we speak to are continuing to express concerns at a lack of certainty with what is going on with Brexit. We understand that businesses need clarity to make decisions about their future.

“By taking part in our Brexit survey, businesses that do not necessarily have a communication channel with the Government can have their views heard. We are especially keen to hear from small and medium sized businesses, whose views are essential but sometimes overtaken by larger businesses with bigger voices. We want to ensure everyone from the Humber is represented.

“I would also urge all businesses to look at the Brexit advice on offer on our Humber Business Growth Hub website – to ensure they are as prepared as they can be when we do leave the EU.”

All the resources, including links to Government site, the Federation of Small Businesses and the European Commission can be found here.

Additional Information:

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