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The Government has today published the findings of its review into Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs).  The review announces plans to strengthen LEPs, with increased dialogue with Government (including through the new Council of LEP Chairs chaired by the Prime Minister), stronger governance and additional capacity.

The review also confirms that LEP overlaps – where a local authority can be a member of more than one LEP – will end.  In the Humber, East Riding of Yorkshire Council is also a member of the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP, while North Lincolnshire Council and North East Lincolnshire Council are also members of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP.  The Humber LEP already works closely with its neighbours and other LEPs with common interests.

Commenting on the review, LEP Chair Lord Haskins said:

“Government’s decision to strengthen LEPs underlines the importance of businesses, local authorities and education working in partnership and nowhere demonstrates that better than the Humber.

“Our region has already made a lot of progress.  We have ambitious plans for the future, and together we can be confident about rising to the challenge.

“We look forward to implementing the findings of the review and continuing to work closely together and with Government to develop the Humber economy.

“We will also continue to strengthen the collaborations we have with LEPs in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and across the North on common issues.  Business does not stop at administrative boundaries, so these links will help to ensure that all parts of the Humber have the strongest platform for growth.”

The Government’s review can be downloaded here.

For some examples of the work the Humber LEP has done, see our Twitter thread today.