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Airport Access Road

The scope of the project is to improve highway access to Humberside International Airport from the Strategic Road Network to facilitate future development and expansion at the airport. The scheme will unlock 20 hectares of allocated employment land at the airport, widen Caistor Road and replace the priority junction with a roundabout.

This addresses an overarching problem of poor connectivity of the airport to the strategic highway network at the A180/A18/M180 Barnetby Interchange which is limiting the attractiveness of Humberside Airport for further development. Whilst this is a relatively short section of highway, it is in need of improvement.

The Humberside Airport roundabout and Caistor Road widening are now completed. Barnetby Top Roundabout construction has commenced and is currently on-track for completion in Autumn 2016.

An infrastructure that supports growth
An infrastructure that supports growth
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