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John Leggott College links with employers over the past academic year continue to remain strong, with students completing 45,000 hours of work experience within local businesses and organisations.

The college has links with over 240 employers who offer work experience placements to students, to help increase their employability skills and to ensure they are happy with their chosen career area.

During the 2014-15 academic year, 243 JLC students were involved in work experience with companies such as Jaguar/Landrover, Clugstons, Scunthorpe General and Barclays. With 100% of students rating their experience as Good, with 73% of students saying their experience was Outstanding.

Kimberly Gough, Industry Education Advisor at the College: “As a college it is important to us that we provide relevant support to students that meet the needs and requirements of employers and business. Through the positive working relationships we have in the community, we have been able to better prepare and equip our students with the relevant skills sought by employers through the recruitment process.

Work Experience is proven to make students stronger candidates for University, Apprenticeships and full time work, and we have not received one negative comment from the 243 students who took part this year”.

One of the many success stories coming out of the work experience provision at the college is the long-running School Experience programme for students wanting to enter the teaching profession. The provision has seen 6 times more students accepting places on teaching degrees than the national average. This is in part thanks to the dramatic increase in the number and variety of placements offered to students.

The statistics for Nursing also really show off the success of this programme, as in 2014 over twice as many JLC students accepted places to study Nursing at university than the national average, and work experience is often a very important factor for gaining an offer on this type of course.

Kimberly’s role at the College involves offering personalised support to students who are looking to develop their employability through work experience, by reviewing their work experience applications, providing feedback, and helping students prepare for interviews where necessary.

As part of the JLC work experience programme students must complete a journal which is used to evidence the employability skills they are developing, which includes their hours and employer references which help to support future applications to work, apprenticeships or university.

If you’re interested in offering a placement to JLC students and would like to find out more, the College advise you to contact or call 01724 282998.