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Jordan talks about his apprenticeship with the Skills Pledge Employer ‘On Marketing’

‘I’m Jordan, an 18 year old Digital Marketing Apprentice working at ON Marketing based in Scunthorpe. ON Marketing is a rapidly growing full service marketing agency carrying out a broad spectrum of marketing services for regional and national clients.jordan-hill

I originally enrolled into college studying business and IT and soon realised that college wasn’t for me. I didn’t feel challenged in my subjects and working a part time job on the side took up a lot of my time. I wanted something where I would be constantly on my toes and earn money at the same time, and an apprenticeship seemed like the perfect opportunity!

I decided to look into what apprenticeships were available in the area to see if there were any that interested me. This is when I discovered ON Marketing and their advert for a Marketing Assistant apprentice. I took the plunge and went to drop in my CV personally rather than applying online. I felt this would add a personal touch and make me stand out above other applicants. I even took them a box of chocolates – it was Easter after all!

I began work after a quick interview process on a week trial, being followed by an unconditional offer to join the company. Before I started, I had no idea how much I would progress in my career, and the speed in which I would do it. I quickly learned how to behave and communicate effectively in a working environment which is something that can’t be taught in college. I was pretty clued up on design software so I was quickly put to work designing graphics posted to thousands of people on our clients social media accounts.

Working at a marketing agency has given me the opportunity to learn skills such as photography, video editing, email marketing and social media account management. This has meant that my job role has kept constantly changing ensuring I never get bored.

I now help to run one of our biggest clients, an online bedding brand which is considered as one of the cheapest on the web. Day-to-day, I’m involved in the smooth running of the website, managing their affiliate marketing network as well as any design and social media work. I would say my passion is in business management and e-commerce business development so being able to do this as a job at the age of 18 is something I could’ve only dreamed of a year ago.

My advice to anybody considering an apprenticeship is to go for it! Being able to earn money and learn transferable skills at the same time is invaluable and an amazing opportunity. If you want to get a head-start in your career and gain your independence, an apprenticeship is for you.