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The Government’s review of LEPs, published in July, set out several proposals for strengthening LEPs in preparation for leading local industrial strategy and future funding post-Brexit.

As part of this, Government has decided that LEP “overlaps” will end.  In the Humber, East Riding of Yorkshire is also covered by the York, North Yorkshire & East Riding LEP; and North & North East Lincolnshire are also covered by the Greater Lincolnshire LEP.

LEPs were required to submit proposals for their future geographies to Government by 28 September.  These were expected to “best reflect real functional economic areas, remove overlaps and, where appropriate, propose wider changes such as mergers”.

The Humber LEP Board met on 14 September and discussed the evidence relating to the Humber economy, and the views of businesses, local authorities and other stakeholders.

The Board’s decision was that the Humber LEP should submit a proposal to retain its current geography, with the overlaps ending, and that no other changes to membership or mergers with other LEPs were appropriate or deliverable.

Our response to Government can be viewed below:

  • The case for a strengthened Humber LEP – this sets out why the Humber geography is the most appropriate for our area, based on the economic evidence, business views and other key factors.
  • Annex B – this is the formal template we were required to submit to Government.