Posted on August 11, 2016
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“The ‘Strategic Review of UK East Coast Staging and Construction Facilities’ appears to indicate that sufficient capacity exists for the manufacture of anticipated facility requirements.

The Humber has established three key locations for engagement in offshore wind development. The first, Greenport Hull, is progressing well and will shortly commence the manufacture of blades. The second, Grimsby, is heavily engaged in the maintenance of the expanding wind energy facilities in the North Sea. However, the third site, AMEP at Killingholme, will be seriously affected by the conclusion that no further capacity is required.

It remains the Humber LEP’s opinion that the Government’s objective to make offshore wind energy competitive with other acceptable forms of electricity generation, is best achieved by creating larger clusters of investment around the Humber estuary, and for this to happen, the Government would need to significantly increase its commitment to offshore wind development.”