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More than 1,400 school pupils have already signed up to make a Big Bang in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Now the push is on to get 2,500 pupils to the interactive Big Bang Fair Yorkshire and Humber in June, which aims to engage young learners in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

HETA (Humberside Engineering Training Association) has won a three-year contract to deliver The Big Bang Near Me programme for Yorkshire & Humber and was supported by a number of Yorkshire andHumberorganisations in its bidding for the contract:

Business Enterprise Education Partnership (BEEP), Humber EBP Education Business Partnership (EBP), Humber LEP, Humber All Nations Alliance (HANA), Sheffield Hallam Centre for Science Education, STEMNET STEM Ambassadors,  University of Hull Institution of Civil Engineers, Humber Civils Network, Institution of Engineering Technology (IET), Humber Schools Liaison Team , Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Arco Ltd and Forewind Ltd.

HETA, which will host the event on Tuesday 24 June 2014 at Doncaster Racecourse, is making sure there are plenty of chances for organisations to get involved by running activities at the event, sponsoring awards or offering careers advice.  Schools are invited to bring groups of pupils to visit and for pupils to enter their projects into the competition to win over £1,500 of prizes.

HETA’s Education Links administrator Niki Bardsley said: “We have worked closely with the schools in the Humber region for the past 14 years and have expanded throughoutYorkshireover the past few years with projects like SMart Futures and Champions for Wind.

“Being awarded the contract for The Big Bang Near Me programme for Yorkshire andHumberis a great honour and allows us to promote STEM subjects over a larger area and to a wider range of schools. The Big Bang Near Me programme is an excellent platform for students to gain more knowledge of STEM careers as well as showcase their projects to a wider audience, giving them experience and confidence to pursue their goals.”

Mike Parker, Chair of the Humber LEP’s Employment and Skills Board, said:

“The work from Humber and Yorkshire Partners to support HETA’s bid for the contract and to support the development of the event is a fantastic example of the strong partnership work in the region linked to skills.

“We hope even more schools and businesses will get involved with the event.”

If you are an organisation or school wishing to get involved with The Big Bang Fair Yorkshire & Humber contact or call 01482 372482 or 07565 797971.