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What is the Employer Ownership of Skills pilot?

The Employer Ownership of Skills pilot is a competitive fund open to employers to raise skills, create jobs and invest in their current and future workforce in England. Government is committing up to £150 million of public funding, to co-invest with employers in more ambitious and further reaching projects.

For more detailed information on the UK Commission’s vision for employer ownership of skills, click here.

Round 2 – now open!

Round 2 of the pilot is an open offer to employers. We are not defining the skills needed, delivery mechanisms, or costs of training – that is for you, the employers, to decide. Round 2 was launched on the 20 November 2012 and invites even more ambitious bids from employers; asking them to set out the training and development they need and how those opportunities will be delivered.

Briefing events:

UKCES and BIS are holding a number of events and webinars across England in the coming months to help employers understand our vision for employer ownership of skills, to develop proposals and to submit bids to the Pilot. These events are specifically targeted at employers. There will be other events targeted at other partners and stakeholders. 

You can now book onto the following regional events:

– Leeds Employer Ownership Event – 5 December 2012
– London Employer Ownership Event – 14 December 2012
– Bristol Employer Ownership Event – 17 December 2012
– Liverpool Employer Ownership Event – 9 January 2013
– Tees Valley Employer Ownership Event – 14 January 2013
– Birmingham Employer Ownership Event – 18 January 2013

Key information:

Round 2 asks for full or outline proposals to be submitted by 28th February 2013. All bids must demonstrate that they are driven by and respond to employers needs. The minimum cash investment from government will be £250,000 for proposals involving only small and medium-sized employers, and £1 million for individual or consortia bids involving large employers.

The application form and guidance will be available in December 2012 on the pilot website.

  • Launch date: 20 November 2012
  • Deadline for employer registration: 11 February 2013
  • Deadline for full and outline bids: 28 February 2013
  • Decisions: Summer 2013
  • Delivery to commence: from September 2013

If you have any questions about Round 2 of the Employer Ownership of Skills pilot, please email: