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This scheme provides for maintenance to be carried out on an important bridge in Beverley which is starting to fail.

CASE STUDY – Grovehill Bridge  PHOTOS – Grovehill Bridge

Grovehill Bridge was constructed in the 19th century to convey the existing public highway over the new watercourse. The bridge is used by hundreds of drivers each day to travel from Beverley and the surrounds to the businesses on the east side of the bridge including the local household waste site on Weel Road. Over 60 businesses rely on Grovehill Bridge for access to their premises and many of these businesses are serviced by HGVs.

However, the bridge structure is starting to fail and whilst the bridge currently carries 40 tonne vehicles, inspections suggest that unless strengthening works are undertaken in the near future a weight restriction will be imposed. This will have a significant impact in terms of local businesses and productivity as HGVs weighing over 7.5 tonnes will no longer be able to travel across the bridge. Weel Bridge to the east is also subject to a 3 tonne weight restriction, so if Grovehill Bridge was also restricted HGVs could not access the businesses located between the two bridges.

The bridge is currently in the ownership of the Environment Agency; however, the EA has proposed that the Council takes on responsibility for this asset. LGF funding for this vital maintenance scheme would bring the bridge up to 40 tonne standard and would allow the Council to adopt the bridge, enhancing the local transport network, ensuring long term connectivity to local businesses and securing the economic sustainability of the Grovehill area.

Project Dates

April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017

Project Sponsor

East Riding of Yorkshire Council




Total project expenditure – £150,000.00

LGF Spend:

  • Contracted – £130,000.00
  • Total achieved – £130,000.00

Public Spend:

  • Contracted – £20,000.00
  • Total achieved – £21,931.00



Safeguarded Jobs:

  • Contracted – 504
  • Total achieved – 504

Apprenticeships created:

  • Contracted – 25
  • Total achieved – 25

Construction Jobs:

  • Contracted – 10
  • Total achieved – 10

Area of land with reduced flood risk (ha)

  • Contracted – 10
  • Total achieved – 10

Domestic properties with reduced flood risk

  • Contracted – 33
  • Total achieved – 33

Commercial floor space with reduced flood risk (m²)

  • Contracted – 90,000
  • Total achieved – 90,000

Approval Status

Business case approved

Delivery Status


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Last updated: December 5, 2019

All locations are approximate.

An infrastructure that supports growth
An infrastructure that supports growth
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