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The Lincolnshire Lakes is a strategic regeneration project on the western fringe of the Scunthorpe urban area. The project seeks to bring forward 6,000+ homes, a commercial park, education/community/health facilities, green infrastructure and recreational and functional lakes. One of the key strategic objectives is to bring forward a flood management solution which ensures a safe development, free from flooding. It is also essential that this solution will provide additionality to the existing flood defences and improve the situation for the villages of Buringham and Gunness.


The Lincolnshire Lakes Flood Risk and Drainage Strategy aims to allow for the development of sustainable areas that are flood resilient and adaptable for the future with exemplar flood risk defence and drainage infrastructure, to enable the achievement of major social and environmental benefits, including overall reduction of flood risk to nearby communities.

Project Dates

July 1, 2015 - August 31, 2019

Project Sponsor

North Lincolnshire Council


Western fringe of Scunthorpe bounded by the River Trent to the west, M180 to the South and Flixborough to the North


Total Project Cost: £52,719,359

LGF Spend:

    • Contracted: £13,300,000
    • Achieved to date – £10,474,692.00

Private Spend:

    • Contracted: £39,419,359
    • Achieved to date- £24,900,000


New Jobs:

  • Contracted: 3,588
  • Achieved to date – 40

Commercial floor space completed (m²)

  • Contracted – 40,000
  • Achieved to date – 0

Housing Units Started:

  • Contracted: 6,148
  • Achieved to date – 71

Housing Units Completed:

  • Contracted: 6,148
  • Achieved to date – 71

Area of land reclaimed/redeveloped/assembled (ha):

  • Contracted: 328
  • Achieved to date – 0

Area of land with reduced flood risk (ha):

  • Contracted: 328
  • Achieved to date – 0

Number of domestic properties with reduced flood risk:

  • Contracted: 9,384
  • Achieved to date – 0

Commercial floor space with reduced flood risk (m²):

    • Contracted: 40,000
    • Achieved to date – 0

Completed housing units that will be rented at an affordable rent:

    • Contracted: 303
    • Achieved to date – 0

Approval Status

Business case approved

Delivery Status


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Last updated: January 14, 2020

All locations are approximate.

An infrastructure that supports growth
An infrastructure that supports growth
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