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Shield Security Services (Yorkshire) Ltd have been a supporter of the Skills Pledge since June 2015, supporting employability, work experience and apprenticeships.

Managing Director David Frank says;

“I personally did not do very well at school.  I had always wanted to join the army but didn’t have anything else I could do and luckily I managed to join the army.  During a weekend’s assessment course at Sutton Coldfield I was able to convince a panel of army recruiters to give me a chance.  Even if it was just in the infantry!

I joined the army straight from school at 15/16 years old as a junior soldier and had to carry out one week military skills and one week military education for the two years until I was old enough to join the regular army.  This military skills and education gave me the platform to catch up on things I had not completed during my school

I quickly realised that if you were honest, hardworking, reliable, motivated and willing to work hard, people were willing to work with you to help you achieve you’re aims and goals.  If people in the army had not been willing to give up their time to help me them I would never had been able to achieve my aims.

I still don’t have any educational qualifications; however do wish that I had.  The experience I have gained and the position I am in, allows me the chance to offer some support to schools and young people.  I hope that the young people become motivated, committed, determined and persistent in wanting to learn about business and the work place.

Allowing a young person into our business can put a little strain on the full team.  However, I believe it works in two ways; the young person gains valuable work place experience, might even focus their thoughts on the work place to the point that they want to stay in education to gain a better chance of employment and our staff gain experience of engaging with a young person, encouraging them to be part of our team.”

Many congratulations also go to Kayleigh Ogden, who has recently achieved her advance level apprenticeship in management at the company. “Well done Kayleigh for all of your hard work, and thanks for your dedication in achieving this.” Shield Security Services (Yorkshire) Ltd.