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Local Graduate

Fewer than one fifth of the businesses surveyed in the Humber, currently employ graduates. Over the next 3 years, demand for graduates is expected to increase within businesses operating in a variety of sectors.

Why should you do this?

> Most businesses would benefit from recruiting new talent possessing ambition, motivation and fresh ideas.

> Graduates acquire many skills while at university which they can apply in the workplace.

> Graduates are enthusiastic learners and are often productive at a faster pace.

> Graduates are the ideal target for career development and succession planning.

> Technology is always changing and graduates will have the most up-to-date knowledge available.

If you have concerns about taking on a graduate straight from education many places offer internship programmes which take away some of the risks. For example, the University of Hull may be able to offer a salary subsidy of £1200.

What can you do?

Pledge today to employ a graduate!

Think about your vacancy or specific project and whether a graduate could have something to offer. What qualifications, skills and experience you would like your graduate to have?

If you would rather go down the internship route, we can discuss these options and put you in touch with the careers service at local universities and other providers.

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