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Invest in increasing skills of your workforce

There is clear evidence that higher skills are linked to increased productivity and improved business outcomes. Businesses in the Humber are, however, less likely than the rest of the region as a whole (Yorkshire and Humberside) to train their staff. Further more, replacement demand, as a result of workers retiring from the workforce, affects all sectors. For example, research from the Skills Commission shows that over the next 10 years 1/3 of engineers will retire.

Why should you do this?

> Individuals and businesses lose a total of about £58 billion a year through lower personal income or business earnings due to poor literacy.

> Increasing the skill levels of your employees, regardless of sector, raises company productivity. The higher the qualification, the more positive the impact.

> The cost to business in lost productivity and profitability due to poor literacy and numeracy can include fixing incorrect orders, processing refunds or lost customers due to poor communication.

> Employer surveys have found that organisations have made noticeable cost savings through language and literacy training.

> It is cheaper to train existing staff than recruit new.

What can you do?

If you are an employer, sign up to our pledge and we will get in contact to advise you further about improving the skills of your current workforce. This might be through internal or external training courses.

If you are a training provider and feel you have courses which may be relevant to employers in the Humber, please contact us via the pledge page and we will link you in with employers.

Sign up to the pledge