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Work Placement

Linked closely with employability skills, for some people, a lack of understanding of the world of work or simply not being given a chance to prove themselves can prevent them from finding a job. Offering someone a work placement could significantly increase their chance of securing paid employment.

Why should you do this?

> Offering a work placement gives your business the opportunity to gain new ideas and fresh enthusiasm.

> As a placement tends to only last between two and eight weeks it could be the perfect answer to short-term problems or projects.

> It offers a cost effective way of recruiting new employees without the risks. The placement could act as a trial period to find out whether someone would be suitable in a more permanent position.

> Use the placement to develop management skills of your existing workforce – you may have staff who would benefit from gaining supervisory experience.

What can you do?

A work placement can come in many different forms – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. You can decide if you would like to have someone work with you for a set period of time annually, on a monthly basis or one day per week. Pledge today and we will work in conjunction with JCP and other providers to find out what would suit your business best.

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