Following the decision to simplify and rationalise standards Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance there is now one national Quality in Careers Standard. The Humber LEP has been granted licensed awarding body status to award the Quality in Careers Standard, after submitting a strong application to the Quality in Careers Standard Consortium. The Humber LEP is one of only 12 licensed awarding bodies nationally and is the only Local Enterprise Partnership to have been awarded this status. The National Careers Strategy strongly recommends institutions to work towards the Quality in Careers Standard awarded by one of the 12 awarding bodies. We are delighted that so many of our schools and education providers have already achieved this standard with many more working towards accreditation.

As a result the 35 local schools, colleges and training organisations that have met the Humber Gold Standard have also been validated at national level. Needless to say, we hope this list will continue to grow with our help and guidance.

The Standard is designed to fit the requirements of the LEP in terms of the provision of robust and impartial careers services and will be used to assess the quality of provision provided by our local schools, colleges and education providers. The new standard will meet national guidelines and policy; for example CEIAG requirements within the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework (for Schools), as well as careers education statutory requirements and guidance. A public register, available both on the LEP and on the Quality in Careers Standard website will indicate which organisations meet the standard to inform parental and learner choice. The Standard should be helpful as evidence during inspections as part of the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework for Schools.

The Standard recognises and supports the Gatsby benchmarks ensuring positive encounters with business representatives are a significant part of the delivery mechanisms.

The Humber LEP is delighted to see the publication of the National Careers Strategy.  Ourselves and our four local authorities have consistently championed the need for high quality, impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance and see this as a real entitlement for all of our young people and adults.  We work very closely with the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC), with our two local CEC coordinators matching employers with schools and training providers in the region to ensure careers activities are embedded within these organisations at a strategic level.

Our Journey

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Between September 2012 and April 2013, the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership appointed the Skills Commission to carry out research into the skills needs of the local area that resulted in the Skills Commission report, ‘Lifting the Lid’ building on the recommendations of the Skills Commission. The key theme of CEIAG was one of the major findings of the research regarding the lack of quality and consistency of delivery across the Humber.

On the 24th October 2014 the Humber LEP launched the Humber Gold Standard for careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG). The standard is designed for 11-19 schools, academies, colleges and providers in the Humber, but could also be used for organisations that have responsibility for the delivery of training (e.g. prisons). Funding to support the delivery of the Standard has been secured from the Humber LEP, Deflog VQ Trust and the European Social Fund.

The original Humber Gold Standard was developed in consultation with schools, colleges, work based learning providers, EBP, and business and industry colleagues across the Humber. Contributions were made on-line, during consultation meetings and through other consultation forums. East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Hull City Council, North East Lincolnshire Council and North Lincolnshire Council, East Riding College and Franklin College provided members to support the Gold Standard Steering Group. The standard has been written for all organisations and institutions involved in the education or training of young people aged between 11 and 19 (25 LLDD) and is therefore applicable to schools, academies, colleges, special schools, pupil referral units and training or work-based learning providers.

In 2015 C&K Careers were awarded the contract to support institutions through the Humber Gold Standard. Funding to enable the Gold Standard to be made available at no cost for Humber organisations was secured through the Humber LEP and Deflog VQ Trust.

47 institutions originally registered for the standard. Of these, to date, 35 have received consultancy support and  have successfully completed the whole process and have been awarded the standard:

In 2017 the Humber LEP secured ESIF funding to support a further 50 institutions towards gaining the standard. C&K Careers is working with these institutions to support them towards an assessment by June 2018.

The Humber Gold Standard consists of 8 modules/criteria:

A: Effective Leadership and Management of CEIAG

B: Evaluating and developing provision

C: Competency of the CEIAG Staff

D: Securing Independent and Impartial Careers Advice and Guidance for Young People

E: CEIAG and a Curriculum for Careers Education and Work Related Learning

F: Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance – Individual Access, Resources & Facilities

G: Working With External Partners

H: Involving and Supporting Families (Parents) and Carers (Age Appropriate Involvement – KS3, KS4, KS5)

Note: These criteria will now be reviewed against the Quality in Careers Standards to ensure cohesion with the national standard with value added Humber based labour market intelligence embedded in the process,

The Humber LEP is pleased to announce that 34 organisations have achieved the Quality in Careers Standard and will be validated with the National Award. Schools, academies, colleges and training providers from across the Humber continue to work towards the Standard:

List of providers working towards the Humber Gold Standard 061218

Registrations are open to any Humber based schools, academies, colleges or providers to take part in the assessment and accreditation process for the Gold Standard. Documentation to support the process will be made available to registered providers.

If you are interested in having your careers provision accredited by the Humber LEP please fill in the form and we will contact you to advise you of the next steps of the process.

View the latest assessment criteria here.

A summary of the original Humber Gold Standard can be accessed here:

Gold Standard Summary August 2017