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The Humber LEP commissioned the development of a dashboard and a Data Analysis report to support the requirements outlined for the development of Skills Advisory Panels (SAPs) Skills advisory panels analytical toolkits.

The live Dashboard Analytical Tool includes key indicators and statistical information to support local decision-makers and stakeholders to understand the Humber skills environment. This data will be used by the Humber LEP Employment and Skills Board to identify existing and future skills gaps and employment priorities relevant to the Humber.

The dashboard has been developed to follow the four-stage approach required by the Department for Education toolkit guidance and has been designed  to provide concise, focused and easy-to-read reports, which can be drilled down so the end-user can interrogate the data in more detail down to the lowest possible geographical level. It will allow the user to understand how the four local authorities contribute to the Humber LEP’s performance in certain areas

The Data Analysis report provides a detailed analysis of the local skills landscape, based on the requirements set out in the above SAP analytical toolkit. This Analytical Framework includes a range of key questions which must be answered as part of the analysis to ensure compliance with the requirements of the SAPs.

Please view the report here: Humber SAP Final Report – 13 December 2019 PDF

This analysis has been used to provide the evidence base for the People Chapter of the Humber LEP’s Local Industrial Strategy.

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