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European Structural and Investment Funds 2014 – 2020

The European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) Programme 2014-2020 for the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area includes allocations from three European funds; European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), European Social Fund (ESF) and European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

The LEP was notionally allocated €102m which equates £55.95m ERDF and £41.39m ESF funding (as at August 2018). The Humber also has a further £2.14m allocated from EAFRD which takes the total ESIF Programme investment in the Humber to £99.48m.

To access the funding, the LEP was required to develop a European Structural and Investment Funds Strategy 2014-2020 which set out how it intended to use the funding across a range of thematic objectives.

Strategy Development

During 2013, more than 100 individuals from the private and public sector including educationalists, third sector stakeholders, renaissance partnerships and European programme experts gave their time to help shape the strategy.

Following this period of consultation, the LEP and its partners submitted its final European Structural and Investment Funds Strategy in May 2014.

It describes local needs and opportunities, desired outcomes and the rationale for proposed projects and programmes. The strategy outlines how the Humber will deploy this European funding to generate economic, social and environmental benefits to the Humber that build on the region’s existing strengths and addresses known challenges through five strategic programmes:

  • The Growth and Innovation programme – support to build the growth capabilities of SMEs, to foster a more entrepreneurial culture, stimulate innovation and build the market in low carbon goods and services
  • The Skills Programme – supporting the skills development of Humber residents at all levels, from access to employment and the sustainable integration of young people, to technical and higher levels skills and leadership and management
  • The Sustainable Communities and Social Innovation Programme – supporting active inclusion through the use of local initiatives, to address persistent pockets of poverty and tackle barriers to work, enabling all adults to play an active role in the labour market
  • The Change and Environmental Protection Programme – stimulating economic development through further investment in flood and coastal risk management, alongside renewable energy, energy efficiency improvements and the delivery of low carbon strategy
  • The Infrastructure Programme – protecting the environment while continuing to support the economy, and to support businesses to achieve resource efficiency improvements

Governance and Implementation

The European Structural and Investment Funds Programme is governed by a Local Sub-Committee made up of representatives from a variety of organisations across the Humber, including the Humber LEP.

The Humber LEP Area ESIF Committee is a sub-committee of the England Growth Programme Board. It’s role is to support the Growth Programme Board in considering overall Operational Programme performance by specifically looking at and advising on the local, on-the-ground implementation of it, via project calls, applications and ongoing implementation.

The ESIF programme in the Humber LEP area started in March 2015 with the launch of a first round of calls for projects.  Since then calls have been made across all of the ERDF and ESF Priority Axes.

All current and previous calls for projects are posted on the website.


The Technical Assistance Partnership includes a range of partners across the Humber and York, North Yorkshire & East Riding LEP areas who deliver technical assistance to potential applicants looking to respond to calls for projects for the ESIF 2014 – 20 growth programme. The TAP is developing a range of events and activities that will support the delivery of the programme.

Further information on eligibility rules and selection criteria for ERDF and ESF  as well as project requirements, publicity materials, State Aid requirements and information on the lifecycle of ERDF and ESF projects is also available.

Approved Projects

The Humber LEP has developed a document which summarises all of the EU funded Business Support provision in the Humber in order to promote cross-referral and awareness of the support available.  A similar document summarising all of the EU Funded Employment and Skills programmes has also been developed.  Both are available below.

The documents also include programmes being delivered in the Humber funded by overlapping LEPs (Greater Lincolnshire LEP and York, North Yorkshire, East Riding LEP) ESIF funding as well as other non-EU funded programmes which are of relevance.

Details of all EU Funded projects in the Humber can be found in the projects section of the LEP website.

Keeping in touch
You can also keep up to date with regular news, activity and events by following the Humber LEP Twitter @humberlep and you can contact the Humber LEP on (01482) 485260 or

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