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The Humber LEP maintains a pipeline of projects which support the Strategic Economic Plan and may be considered for future funding opportunities.

The LEP added a small number of skills capital projects to the pipeline through the development of its bid for a further Growth Deal.  The Employment & Skills Board has now decided to open a call for more potential projects, as part of the LEP’s wider approach to skills capital funding in the Humber.

Projects accepted into the pipeline are not guaranteed funding, but may be considered as opportunities arise (such as the proposed Skills Capital Programme).  The pipeline also gives the Employment & Skills Board an overview of providers’ needs and aspirations, which can inform future developments.

Pipeline process

The pipeline follows the process laid out in the LEP Accountability and Assurance Framework, with application via a simple Expression of Interest form.

The Humber commenced the Area Based Review process in September/October 2016, therefore the potential funding of any projects will be considered along with the recommendations arising from the Review process.  We would expect Government to publish these recommendations from late spring/early summer 2017.

The Employment and Skills Board (ESB) use a designated Skills Capital Panel to consider each project, drawn from ESB impartial members and supported by representatives from the Humber Local Authorities.  Feedback will be provided to any participating organisation to allow potential projects to be further developed in anticipation of any future funding opportunities.  The Humber LEP reserves the right to communicate with neighbouring LEPs to ensure coherence and alignment with strategic priorities.

Potential projects will be considered and placed in a priority order according to the details provided within the expression of interest. Note the pipeline may be refreshed at a designated time, as agreed by the Employment and Skills Board.  Organisations should also be aware that that being placed in the pipeline does not guarantee any future funding.

Focus of the call

The proposed Humber Skills Capital Programme is based on key thematic areas of:

  • Virtual Learning
  • Engineering
  • Maritime
  • Construction
  • Health and Social Care

We are interested in hearing about projects to support these themes in addition to alternative projects that create jobs and raise skills levels.

Projects will be expected to support the Humber LEP Strategic Economic Plan and the Employment and Skills Strategy.  It is advisable for projects to be scalable depending upon future funding availability.

The LEP would expect these potential projects to be part of an organisation’s strategic developments and be delivered with organisations guaranteeing match funding of at least 66%, with indicative funding from the project sponsor or other partners (or the potential to obtain such funding).

There is no guarantee of funding for any individual project.  If the LEP is successful in gaining funding for any future additions to the Humber Skills Capital Programme, a formal process as described within the Accountability and Assurance Framework will be followed to allocate the funding.  This will include the need to develop a more detailed business case.  Any successful project will align with the recommendations of the Area Based Reviews.

Criteria for projects

Projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Located in the Humber LEP area
  • Proposed by an eligible organisation (see below*)
  • Seeking a maximum 33.3% contribution towards the project’s costs
  • Total project size at least £500k
  • Submitted by an appropriate legal entity
  • Project sponsor will contribute some of their own resources

The following are not in scope:

  • Projects which are primarily aimed at supporting the development of the organisation’s own workforce

* Eligible organisations are all post 16 colleges and approved training organisations who are located in the Humber area and who are on the Register of Training Organisations with the Skills Funding Agency in the current academic year.

Do I need to resubmit my project?

Organisations which submitted projects for consideration during the development of the Growth Deal 3 Skills Capital Programme bid have been given feedback and will be informed directly if they need to resubmit their proposal (e.g. if the panel’s feedback was that it required further development, or it did not correspond with the selected themes).

If you are unsure, please contact us first.


Invitations to partners for expressions of interest – via website Monday 16th January 2017
Expressions of interest deadline for submissions to the Humber LEP 4pm Monday 13th February 2017
ESB panel reviews submissions By mid-March 2017
Feedback to organisations By mid-April 2017

How to submit your project

To submit your project for consideration, please complete the expression of interest form linked below and submit it to  Please refer to the guidance notes when completing the form.

A skilled and productive workforce
A skilled and productive workforce
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