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Adult Social Care Leadership

May 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018

The project provides masterclass training sessions and supported distance learning to lower and middle management in adult social care, specifically targeted at care home and domiciliary care providers.

The project aims to enhance the leadership skills of staff in the sector, improving culture, business performance, increasing individual competencies and raising the standards across the care sector, which will ultimately result in improved care to people the beneficiaries are responsible for.

Aura Innovation Centre

March 8, 2018 - February 28, 2021

The Aura Innovation Centre (AIC) will create a facility focused on proactively promoting and supporting research and innovation in low carbon technologies as well as their adoption through the commercialisation of new and innovative low carbon products and services.

By providing the focal point for interactions between the knowledge base and business, the AIC will create a conducive environment for the strengthening of commercial links between research institutions and industry as well as helping to change small business attitudes towards innovation.

Business Growth Programme

October 1, 2018 - September 30, 2021

The Business Growth Programme will enhance the resources of the existing Humber Business Growth Hub through the provision of a range of interventions aimed at enabling SMEs in the Humber to grow and become more productive.  It will encourage and support businesses to grow and develop by delivering the following activities:

  • One-to-one advice to determine the needs of the client, including a detailed diagnostic and development of an action plan of support required to achieve growth objectives
  • A comprehensive programme of workshops / masterclasses, delivered by industry experts across a range of topics (see below)
  • A Leadership Development programme for senior leaders and managers within SMEs with a potential for growth
  • Voucher support to SMEs based on projects identified through one-to-one advice and support
  • Electronic delivery – development of a suite of webinars, online content, and information available through the Growth Hub Website

The programme will focus on delivering support in the following areas:

  • Business model, culture and structure
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing and communications
  • HR and Recruitment
  • Improving market and customer awareness and understanding
  • Sales process and pitch
  • Pricing
  • Supply Chain and Procurement
  • Resource Efficiency

Business Loan Fund

The Humber Local Enterprise Partnership’s Business Loan Fund utilises the Humber’s Growing Places Fund allocation to provide capital loans to businesses to help get stalled development projects off the ground.


September 1, 2016 - December 31, 2018

ENRG is a demand led business and enterprise support service which helps people thinking of starting an enterprise, as well as those already doing it, to build strong sustainable businesses in Hull. A mentoring and support project, ENRG helps people and business every step of the way through one to one and group support.

A partnership of Goodwin Development Trust, Hull Culture & Leisure Limited and Hull City Council ENRG is ERDF and Arts Council funded until December 2018.


October 1, 2015 - September 30, 2018

A programme of business support that commenced with pre-start interest and ideas development through online / on-demand activities and developed new companies into growing entities who have the capacity to expand and take on their first employees.

Eligible clients undertaking the learning journey could access face-to-face business support with a qualified, accredited Business Advisor working locally, to support their Business Planning and registration and an application for up to £1,000 matched funds for essential business related equipment.

Eligible businesses could access a further grant of £1,000 to grow their business more quickly and take on their first employee through the ‘Two’s Company’ scheme.

Exporting for Growth

July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2019

Exporting for Growth increases the support offered to SMEs, both first time exporters and those already exporting the Humber LEP area to grow their success within international markets.

SMEs can benefit from a programme of direct engagement, information and mentoring, export workshops and events.  These are enhanced by an integrated advice and funding package, delivered by teams of International Trade Advisers.  Support includes:

  • Costs of getting to the target country and in-country accommodation
  • Entrance to exhibitions/trade fairs and shipping of any associated products – including cost of the stand and associated fittings
  • Design and production and printing of international marketing materials specifically for target markets
  • Internationalisation of website, translation, creation of social media profiles, SEO
  • Consultancy relating to patents, trademarks or copyright
  • Product registration relating to international markets
  • International market research (excluding OMIS)
  • Consultancy to help develop your export strategy
  • Mentoring / consultancy for language and cultural awareness
  • Export professional training and language training for target countries

SMEs will benefit from an improvement in their capacity and capability to export to new markets, stimulating economic growth across both LEP areas, increasing GVA and demand for new jobs.

Finance for Growth

June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2021

Delivered as a product of the Humber Business Growth Hub, this three year programme of investment readiness support is focused on enabling SME businesses to access finance.

It provides an intensive Humber-wide programme of support through a network of specialist advisors and associated small grants scheme that will cover up to 40% of the eligible costs of SME beneficiary projects which will enable them to become investment ready.

The programme will:

  • Enable SMEs to take full advantage of the growth opportunities provided by the right package of finance
  • Deliver a comprehensive programme of workshops and masterclasses
  • Provide targeted grants (up to 40% of eligible costs) where part of a specific growth and investment strategy
  • Assist SMEs to understand investor requirements and develop corresponding strategy/business plans
  • Assist SMEs to understand and negotiate the financial support landscape
  • Provide specialist support in relation to company growth plans
  • Support the assembly of tailored packages of finance to aid SME growth and expansion
  • Grow awareness and understanding of the various finance options available including equity finance
  • Signpost to other relevant support, expertise and development opportunities

Growing the Humber - Regional Growth Fund

June 30, 2015

A Regional Growth Fund programme to provide funding to businesses in the Humber region and to inward investors to support business growth and diversification which results in new job creation.


Hull Community Led Local Development (CLLD)

November 1, 2017 - December 31, 2022

The aim of Community Led Local Development is to use bottom-up, local community driven approaches to address issues in areas of deprivation.

Hull’s Community Led Local Development (CLLD) programme is providing grant funding support to projects which help people in Hull to access and create economic opportunities through the following key priorities outlined in the Local Development Strategy:

  • Targeted training in key work-related skills
  • Making it easier to find and access work
  • Growing Integrated Community Hubs
  • Supporting local and community businesses
  • Joined up support to increase household incomes

The first competitive grant round has now closed with the second opening in January 2019.

The programme is being led by Hull City Council, with Humber Learning Consortium providing support for the grant administration process.

ICT for Growth

June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2021

Delivered as a product of the Humber Business Growth Hub, this three year scheme will provide a programme of interventions aimed at enabling SMEs in the Humber to create and/or adopt new products and processes, improve productivity and business resilience by utilising ICT more effectively to support business growth.

It will encourage and support the uptake of digital technologies, build business confidence in the use of such technologies and extend understanding of how digital technologies can be employed to solve business problems and deliver increased business competitiveness. This will be achieved by delivering the following activities:

  • One-to-one advice to determine the needs of the client and to develop an action plan of support required to achieve the objectives
  • A comprehensive programme of workshops / masterclasses, delivered by industry experts
  • Voucher support to SMEs based on ICT projects identified through one-to-one advice and support from specialist ICT Advisors
  • Broadband vouchers to cover part of the cost of upgrading to faster broadband for new start businesses

Manufacturing Growth Programme

November 1, 2016 - September 30, 2019

The Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) provides free advice and support to manufacturing SMEs to make improvements by identifying, understanding and removing the barriers affecting their business. The programme includes:

  • An independent strategic business review with honest broker
  • Detailed growth report that identifies strength and weaknesses
  • Support to identify challenges and barriers to growth that drive change
  • Support to help drive the completion of projects on time
  • Access to grants to subsidise the cost of improvement projects
  • Guidance and support to access other support mechanisms
  • Service Delivery review
  • Contract Directly with expert

It provides free advice and co-funded grant support to manufacturing SMEs to help them:

  • Identify opportunities and create plans for improvement and growth
  • Work with the best external experts to implement those plans
  • Cover 35% of the cost of implementing the plans through a growth/improvement grant (up to £3,500 max)
  • Connect to wider support to maximise opportunities for growth

SMEs are guided through the process by a dedicated Manufacturing Growth Manager.

North Lincolnshire Community Led Local Development (CLLD)

October 1, 2017 - December 31, 2021

The aim of Community Led Local Development (CLLD) is to use bottom-up, local community driven approaches to address issues in areas of deprivation.

The North Lincolnshire CLLD programme is focused on effecting community-led social and economic development in the three most deprived areas of Scunthorpe.  A Local Action Group (LAG) has been created from representatives of the voluntary community sector, public sector, private sector and local individuals which will encourage projects to apply for funding to deliver projects which meet one or more of the following priorities:

  • Priority Objective 1: to address health and disability including mental health as a barrier to employment
  • Priority Objective 2: to support entrepreneurship through pre-start support and support for micro and small enterprises in the CLLD area including social enterprises
  • Priority Objective 3: to support particular disadvantaged groups into labour market participation
  • Priority Objective 4: to deliver early intervention activity which will raise aspirations within communities and address worklessness and deprivation
  • Priority Objective 5: to stimulate local level collaboration amongst local residents, the public, private and vol/com sectors, small businesses and other stakeholder

Skills Support for the Workforce

October 31, 2017 - March 31, 2019

The Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) programme provides a flexible and responsive programme of fully funded training to SMEs in the Humber using investment from the European Social Fund and Skills Funding Agency.

People are eligible to receive funded support from the SSW / SSR programme if they are 19 years of age or older and are employed or employed and at risk of redundancy by an SME. People who are self-employed are also eligible to receive support from these programmes.

The programme is aimed at SMEs in the Humber LEP area in our key sectors (Renewable technologies/Green energy, Ports and logistics, Creative and Digital, Chemicals, Engineering and Manufacturing, Food, Visitor economy)  Support is also available for organisations in our underpinning sectors of Health and Social Care and Construction.


Christmas cheer as East Yorkshire’s Little Wold Vineyard awarded first Growing Hull and East Yorkshire Grant

December 16, 2020

The Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has brought some Christmas cheer to a local vineyard with the first Growing Hull and East Yorkshire grant.

R.J. Wilson Ltd, owners of Little Wold Vineyard, in South Cave, has been awarded £40,495.77 towards creating their own in-house winery.

Not only will the grant support the Vineyard to expand their production capabilities, by creating an onsite winery with facility warehousing, but it will create two new roles at the business. The expansion will also give visitors

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Brand new Start Up Support Service will help budding entrepreneurs get their ventures off the ground

November 27, 2020

Dedicated support for start-up businesses is now available from the Humber LEP’s Business Growth Hub.

The Start Up Support Service (SUSS), is completely free and designed for anyone who is thinking about starting up their own business, or for any start up business that has been operating for less than a year.

The service provides:

• One-to-one support from Start Up Advisors
• Workshops covering Business Planning, Bookkeeping & Funding, Sales & Marketing, and Business Regulations
• In-depth Masterclasses covering various topics
• Support from peers

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Humber Business Growth Hub Supports Thousands of Businesses in the Past Year

July 10, 2020

Almost 3,000 businesses from across the Humber region were supported by the Humber LEP’s Business Growth Hub in the last year.

Overall, 2,972 businesses received either light, medium or high intensity support from the Hub from April 2019 – March 2020, which was an increase of 149 businesses from the year before. In addition, businesses that worked with the Growth Hub in 2019-20 were able to go on to secure £7.1M of private sector investment to enable their growth plans.

Throughout the

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Essential workers across the Humber now have access to 1,000 face shields thanks to joint partnership

May 20, 2020

Essential workers now have access to 1,000 face shields, which have been made available across the Humber community thanks to Ron Dearing UTC, the Humber LEP and the Humber Local Resilience Forum.

Ron Dearing UTC, Hull’s employer-led school, has been working with the local business community and education establishments to design and manufacture the protective equipment.
The school has worked in partnership with local companies including G.F Smith, Ideal Boilers, Luxinar Lasers and the University of Hull’s Aura Innovation Centre to produce

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Humber Businesses Urged to Apply for Government Grants

April 17, 2020

Thousands of Humber businesses who are missing out on cash grants are being urged to ensure they are applying for all the funding they are eligible for.

The Government has set up two grant schemes for businesses – a grant of up to £10,000 for small businesses of all sectors that are in receipt of small business or rural business rate relief, and a grant of up to £25,000 for those in the leisure, retail and hospitality sectors.

These grants are available

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Coronavirus Community Support website created to co-ordinate calls for help from business community

April 7, 2020

A new website to co-ordinate Humber businesses’ contributions to the region’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been launched today.

The ‘Coronavirus Community Support’ hub has been created by the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to help match the growing number of requests being made for businesses to help, and the offers of support coming in from the region’s businesses.

The website lists details of the support being requested by public sector and community organisations involved in the coronavirus response.  Requests include

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Scale of Business Support Sought Across the Humber Revealed

March 31, 2020

Thousands of businesses from across the region have sought support from business advisors during the coronavirus crisis.

In figures released by the Humber LEP, just over 2,000 businesses contacted its local business advisors last week alone.

The LEP’s Humber Business Growth Hub has 18 full time advisors based within local authorities across the East Riding, Hull, North Lincolnshire, and at e-Factor Group Ltd in North East Lincolnshire. Business Advisors specialising in finance, ICT, supply chain and generalist business support have all been

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Humber LEP initiates first phase of support for businesses facing challenges in wake of the coronavirus

March 17, 2020


Growth Hub Advisers available for telephone triage consultations
Grants available from today to support SMEs with the purchase of ICT equipment to enable homeworking, and procurement of contingency & crisis management advice and support
Online workshops will be held in the coming days and weeks on issues related to business resilience, cashflow management, and home working methods.

The Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (Humber LEP) has issued its initial support measures for the region’s businesses facing tough trading conditions in the wake of the

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Growing the Humber Case Study: KV Transfix Ltd

August 23, 2019

The Humber LEP visited KV Transix Ltd in Driffield to find out how a Growing the Humber grant helped them to purchase innovative new equipment, which supported them to become a more successful and competitive business and allowed them to grow as a company.


The new press break machine


Business name: KV Transfix Ltd, Kelleythorpe Industrial Estate, Driffield, East Yorkshire.

Business overview: KV Transfix Limited are designers and manufacturers of specialist and bespoke component parts for automised vehicles across a varied

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Humber LEP continues to support the region’s businesses: whether Brexit is heading for a deal or no-deal

August 19, 2019

As the Government works towards an EU Exit date of October 31, the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is continuing to support the region’s businesses to navigate Brexit.

The LEP’s Business Growth Hub has compiled a collection of resources to help organisations prepare for Brexit, and has also created a survey to gather the opinions of regional businesses on how Brexit is currently affecting them – and how it might affect them in the future – summary of local intelligence is

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Humber Business Growth Hub supports thousands of businesses across the last 12 months

July 8, 2019

More than 2,800 businesses across the region received support to help them develop from the Humber Business Growth Hub last year.

This brings the total number of businesses supported by the scheme to 9,342 since the Growth Hub was established by the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) in 2014.

This business support comes in ‘light’, ‘medium’ and ‘high’ intensity assistance, with some businesses receiving over 12 hours of dedicated one-to-one advisor support to help with their growth plans. Delivered through a network

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Humber LEP Yorkshire Post Column – Launch of new Growth Hub programme will prove invaluable for small businesses

November 22, 2018

There’s never been a better time to be a small business in the Humber Region.

With the launch of the Humber Business Growth Hub’s #GrowMySME programme, finding the right advice, support and funding for start-ups and small to medium businesses ready to grow is now as easy as dialling a number.

Words by Jo Smedley, Small Business Champion for the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

This November saw the launch of the Humber LEP’s Growth Hub #GrowMySME programme; a new initiative seeking to

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Humber Business Growth Hub #GrowMySME programme launches after a series of events across the region

November 19, 2018


During week commencing the 5th November the Humber Business Growth Hub successfully delivered a series of launch events for growing SMEs across the region, and businesses were invited  to learn more about how to access more than £6million of business support funded from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

With events in Hull, Brigg, Grimsby, Driffield and South Cave, SMEs from across the Humber region were able to meet with representatives of the Growth Hub, including its business advisors and partners,

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LEP announces new Small Business Champion

August 3, 2018

The Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is appointing a new Small Business Champion to ensure that the needs and interests of small businesses are taken into account throughout the LEP’s decision-making.

Jo Smedley, Managing Director of Red Herring Games in Grimsby, will take up the role in September after being successful in an open recruitment process.

Jo has been an advocate of small businesses in Northern Lincolnshire and the Humber, since 2007 when she established her firm Red Herring Games, which supplies

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Humber LEP Yorkshire Post Column – Partnership work key to funding business growth in the Humber

May 10, 2018

The Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and its Growth Hub works with a number of partners to provide support for businesses in the region.

There are some excellent examples of how different types of funding and support have allowed businesses of different sizes and sector the opportunity to grow.

Recently, working with partners the Humber LEP has been able to guide and fund the growth of businesses in a number of sectors, with a particular focus on equity funding.

Words by Kishor Tailor,

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£8.1m Business Loan Fund is unlocking growth

June 22, 2017

Stephen Savage, Vice Chair of Humber LEP (left), Karen Oliver-Spry, Programme Officer, Humber LEP (centre) and David Sinclair, Curator, Humber Street Gallery (right).

The Humber LEP’s Business Loan Fund is helping businesses in the Humber undertake investment, unlock stalled projects and bring forward development.

The £8.1m revolving fund uses the Humber’s allocation of Growing Places Funding to support capital projects that benefit the local economy and reinvests returns into future projects. The Humber Business Loan Fund will support capital development

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Working Together We Can Boost Business Success

October 26, 2016

Small and medium enterprises and start-up businesses drive our region – they are its lifeblood. The number of businesses is on the up and they deserve the best possible chance to succeed. By being proactive and working together, we can help start-ups and small businesses in the region to grow and prosper.

There is little doubt that this is a region facing challenges. We remain low in the national leagues in terms of business survival rates, with only 37% of business

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University SME Innovation Survey – Deadline Extended

September 13, 2016

The University of Hull has been invited by Government to submit full applications for European Regional Development Funding to support SMEs in the Humber, York and North Yorkshire to become more innovative.

The programmes have been developed in response to calls for projects through the Humber and York, North Yorkshire East Riding European Structural and Investment Funds that will provide innovation support, innovation vouchers and grants for research and development.

SMEs are invited to complete a short survey by 19 September 2016, to help shape

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Humber LEP Yorkshire Post Column: Humber Businesses claim their share of £4m to support growth

August 30, 2016

At a time of uncertainty, when we hear in the news that many businesses are delaying investment, it is reassuring to know that small and medium businesses in the Humber are making investments to grow and creating jobs.

In some part this is thanks to the availability of Growing the Humber, a £4m grant programme using money secured by the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership from the Government’s Local Growth Fund.

The £4m programme continues the success of a £30m Regional Growth Fund

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Humber Businesses claim their share of £4m to support growth

August 26, 2016

A £4m programme to help Humber businesses to grow is now fully committed and set to create 400 jobs in the area.

The Humber LEP’s Growing the Humber programme reopened last year using the Government’s Local Growth Fund. The programme has offered business investment grants of between £5,000 and £200,000 to 75 small and medium enterprises and continues the success of a £30m Regional Growth Fund programme.

Grant applications for projects such as buying equipment or refurbishing premises were assessed by an

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University of Hull launches SME survey for ERDF Innovation Grant Programme

August 25, 2016

The University of Hull has been invited by Government to submit full applications for European Regional Development Funding to support SMEs in the Humber, York and North Yorkshire to become more innovative.

The programmes have been developed in response to calls for projects through the Humber and York, North Yorkshire East Riding European Structural and Investment Funds that will provide innovation support, innovation vouchers and grants for research and development.

SMEs are invited to complete a short survey by 10 September 2016, to help shape

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Growing the Humber : Martin Williams

August 24, 2016

About the company

Martin Williams Ltd is one of the UK’s foremost commercial vehicle bodybuilders, truck mounted crane supplier / installer and accident repair centres.

The business, situated in Hull, has built and fixed commercial vehicles, and continuously invested in technology and equipment to ensure the company’s processes are efficient and streamlined.

About the project

A grant of £67,751 was received to support the relocation of the sand blasting booth and subsequent extension of the company workshop to create an additional 8,000 square feet

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Growing the Humber : Kenworth Engineering

August 24, 2016

About the company

Kenworth Engineering carries out a variety of services centred around precision machining. These predominately include  milling, turning, internal and external grinding and also surface grinding.

The business, which takes on low and medium volume contracts from clients in a wide range of sectors, offers machining on almost any material.

About the project

The company needed to purchase two new machines – a new 3metre CNC lathe and a new machining centre – which would allow them to take on larger jobs

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Growing the Humber : Helix Precision Machining

August 24, 2016

About the company

Helix Precision Machining is a leading engineering company, which produces precision components and assembled products to a broad and varied customer base.

The company is equipped to carry out several different operations under one roof, including heat treatment, assembly, anodizing, painting, chemical blacking, laser cutting and waterjet cutting. These capabilities often save customers from having to order through multiple companies.

About the project

The business had an opportunity to expand production into the supply of aerospace parts. To enable them to maximise this opportunity

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Growing the Humber : Dataplan

August 24, 2016

About the business

Dataplan is a payroll services company based in Grimsby, and owned by chartered accountancy firm Forrester Boyd. Dataplan has built up over 45 years of experience providing payroll services for companies across the UK.

The company has been awarded several industry awards from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), and won the CIPP Payroll Service Provider of the Year twice. The company is also an accredited Payroll Quality Partnership organisation, awarded by the Chartered Institute for Payroll Professionals.

About the project                         

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Growing the Humber : Contrac

August 24, 2016

About the company

Contrac, a Beverley-based company employing 40 people, has been a supplier of computer consumables and print management to businesses and the public sector since the early 1970s. In the last 5 years , the company has developed its services to include MPS (copiers and printers), print consultancy, promotional products, and, most recently, IT Services.

Contrac IT Services has grown rapidly since its inception in 2013, offering consultancy, solutions, support and installation services to a diverse group of SME companies,

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Growing the Humber : C4DI

August 24, 2016

About the company

The Centre for Digital Innovation (C4DI) is a membership organisation that helps start-up digital businesses to grow, and established digital businesses to innovate by using technology more effectively. They also offer a year-long Innovation Programme, providing a problem solving service and assembling specialist teams to develop products and services.

The company provides support and infrastructure to help a network of about 900 digital entrepreneurs, businesses, employees, designers, developers and come together to collaborate and grow through social events, workshops, meet-ups and

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Growing the Humber : BJB Lift Trucks

August 24, 2016

About the company

BJB Lift Trucks is a supplier of materials handling solutions, providing sales, hire, repairs, operator training, parts and fleet management packages for customers across the UK. The company has recently cemented a partnership with cargo-handling equipment company, Kalmar, becoming an official dealer partner of Kalmar machinery.

Their location close to the two major UK ports of Immingham and Grimsby makes the company a close contact when organisations such as Associated British Ports and DONG Energy require heavy lifting solutions.


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Growing the Humber : Airco Centre of Excellence

August 24, 2016


About the company

Originally a refrigeration contractor, Airco now offers a full cold room design and build facility, along with specialist refrigeration equipment.

Airco began in Hull in 1991, eventually growing to a national company, with offices in Hull, Leeds, Immingham, Milton Keys and central London.

The company now design, supply, install, commission, service and maintain a full range of equipment from leading manufactures and provide solutions for air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical, heating and renewables.

The business has gained accreditation to install EV charging

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Growing the Humber : Steelridge

August 24, 2016

About the company

Steelridge manufactures and supplies complex fabrications with supporting processes such as shot blasting, painting, stress relieving, assembly and hydraulic testing.

The sector is a competitive one and strategic investment is important for the company to maintain viability. The business had outsourced bending and profiling works but saw an opportunity to bring these functions in-house.

About the project

The business decided to invest in two new machines, a Press Brake and Plasma Profile Burner to streamline the manufacturing process, enable Steelridge to

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Growing the Humber : Sport Identity

August 24, 2016

About the company

Sports Identity is a signage manufacture company which specialises in servicing the sporting sector and competes internationally with established, large trading organisations with key accounts.

The business prides itself on offering service, relationship and value for money, and these core values have assisted its steady, annual growth, recently necessitating a move to larger premises.

About the project

A grant of £43,000 was awarded to the business to support investment in a number of efficiency improvements and included purchasing a new latex

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Growing the Humber : Sherwood Plastic Products

August 24, 2016

About the company

Sherwood plastic Products Ltd manufactures tamper evident security seals for a number of high street clothing retailers, including Next, JD Sports and Edinburgh Woolen Mill. The company has been operating in this sector for over 20 years and has established a loyal customer base.

Increasingly large orders are being received for both existing designs and new, customer-specific seals which has the potential to lead to rapid business growth within a couple of years.

About the project

In order to achieve full

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Growing the Humber : John E Wright and Co

August 24, 2016

About the company

John E Wright is a long-established, family-owned printing company specialising in large format display graphics. The group has eight sites around the UK and a production headquarters in Nottingham to which some services have been outsourced with others being outsourced to third party suppliers.

About the project

The company was looking to expand the portfolio of services offered by the Hull business by purchasing a new digital cutter to enable more signage and exhibition work to be undertaken and fewer

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Growing the Humber : Focus Packaging and Design

August 24, 2016

About the company

Focus Packaging & Design Ltd has been trading since 1998, initially supplying specialist packing, packaging and technology advice to the commercial and retail seed sectors. Whilst these are still part of the company’s activities, the main business now is developing and manufacturing products for the home gardening sector.

A range of new products are based around coir, a sustainable coconut by-product, and give the business an opportunity to increase higher price point sales with higher margin through an environmentally

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Growing the Humber : Fast Form Systems

August 24, 2016

About the company

Fast-Form Systems Ltd manufactures and supplies award winning, patented formwork available for hire and sale to the construction sector worldwide. The versatile, lightweight and adjustable formwork and shuttering system offers an alternative to timber shutters and large panel systems, lowering delivery costs and carbon emissions.

Last year, the company won the contract to support the excavation and casting of concrete in the bases of tunnels in the London underground. This will drain pollutants discharged by the trains away from the groundwater aquifer,

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Growing the Humber : Associated Plastic Components

August 24, 2016

About the company

The business manufactures glass reinforced plastic building products. The business was recently split from the Paneltex Group to enable the business to reach its full potential. It was already operating at capacity in its existing premises and had exhausted all possibilities for creating more space having constructed several mezzanine floors and added a number of portable buildings and storage containers.

With an increased demand for general and bespoke building products the business needed to move to a larger site

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Investments on track to add £1.42bn to Humber economy by end of Parliament

June 10, 2016

Projects and programmes invested in by the Humber LEP and delivered by partners are on track to add £1.42bn to the Humber economy by the end of 2019/20 – a return of £5 GVA benefit for every £1 invested.

As part of this 12,050 gross FTE jobs will be created, 600 safeguarded and 62,228 properties will have reduced flood risk.

An impact assessment which forms part of the LEP’s Annual Review 2015/16 – launched on Friday 10 June – shows investments to

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Yorkshire Post Humber LEP column: Humber LEP Zoning in on Humber investment sites

April 5, 2016

For sale – 1,500 football pitches, or 1,820 Rugby League pitches as they might like to say in our region’s city Hull.

Well that’s the challenge – to market and help unlock the equivalent employment land in the Humber located next to ports, motorway routes and rail as part of my role on the Humber LEP’s Investment and Regulation Board. The region’s strong advantages of connectivity to the UK and Europe presents a vital opportunity for new businesses moving to the Humber.

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