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Work Experience with the Humber LEP

15 year old Alex Piercy who joined the Humber LEP on work experience

15 year old Alex Piercy who joined the Humber LEP on work experience

During his summer break, work experience student came to experience life at the Humber LEP.  Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“My name is Alex I’m 15 years old.  I go to Cottingham High School and in the future I hope to go into engineering and start my own business.

To help me do this I came to the World Trade Centre in Hull for 2 weeks in the summer holidays which enabled me to be in a work environment and pick up skills along the way. I worked with the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership and Language is Everything. These are two firms inside the World Trade Centre. In my two weeks of work experience I picked up skills like: buildings management, communicating with customers on the phone and at reception, self-management, housekeeping, communication and literacy.  An example of this is when I worked on reception were I talked to clients coming into the building and instructed them where to go and what to do.

Some tasks I did while at the World Trade Centre were working on reception which involved letting people into the building and talking to them most of these people were business people. I also set up meeting rooms. This involved setting the right amount of glasses and mugs and just making sure the room was ready for use. Another job I did was sending timesheets and confirmation sheets to interpreters and their clients for Language is Everything. I also checked the newspapers every morning. This involved placing sticky notes on any stories that related to the Humber LEP. I would then cut them out and stick them onto paper were I would date them. Sorting post was another daily task which tested my self-management skills.  This task involved opening letters and date stamping them.

Another task I was heavily involved in was creating information cards for the Springboard Programme which supports 18-24 year olds into training or employment.  I carried out research and wrote the content for information cards on writing a CV, interview tips and how to send a CV. Once the content was approved, I then formatted it in to the finished branded documents.

This work experience will help me in later life because I have experienced working in an office environment and my people skills have improved. I now feel more comfortable talking to people who are higher up in the business world.

Overall I have enjoyed all my time here. I found all activities interesting. Not all were exciting but were beneficial to me and my experience. I would definitely come back next summer again when I’m 16 which gives me the opportunity to do work outside the building.”